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Focus on fluid transport solutions. We are your selection experts.
Main: new materials and applications, imported industrial hose, production and sales of all kinds of silicone pipe fittings, EPDM rubber pipe fittings, PU pipe, vacuum pipe, vacuum tube, food grade hose, various kinds of PE material protection pipe, special material pipe fittings, special requirements hose customization, various types of joint assembly customized. Hardware Electrical and mechanical materials accessories, all kinds of pipe installation engineering, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, environmental protection engineering.
High quality plastic hose is widely used and its quality is reliable
Plastic hoses are of diverse styles, quality assurance, price concessions, good faith management, and provide quality, professional and efficient services.
Efficient service, quickly solve customer problems and provide solutions.
Our product Commissioner and warehousing logistics personnel always follow up; we are willing to be ready for you 7 days a week to answer doubts; factory price supply, the source of goods, to give you the greatest benefits.
Have relevant qualification certificates and complete inspection
Having more than one qualification is absolutely safe and reliable
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